Eligibility criteria for admission of a member



  • Every Full time Social worker
  • Pre-employment comprehensive Medical Check Up. ( Blood count, Blood sugar, Creatinine )
  • Family Monthly Gross Income of Rs. 20.000/- or less, at the time of entry as member.
  • Spouse of a social worker is also eligible to join SEEDS.
  • Age 18 years and above with an upper limit of 55 years. This Scheme is not applicable after the age of 65 years.
  • Enrollment of a member shall be made against Individual Application / Declaration in the prescribed form together with the enrollment fee and duly counter signed.
  • Suspension and expulsion  will occur on incidents listed below ( or any incident in this nature )
  • a. Any undesirable behavior towards the hospital staff, SEEDS trust workers or the public in general.
  • b. Proving false information on suspension of fact to SEEDS.
  • c. Having a major illness within the first year of joining SEEDS.
  • d. Using alcoholic and / or narcotic substances.
  • e. Contribution should be made no later than 2 months.