Grievance Benefit


  • Grievance Benefits to our members will be done through partner organisations. Death of the principal member, family member will get Rs. 1.00.000/- ( Rupees One Lakh ). If the add on member dies the family will get Rs.50.000/- ( Fifth Thousand), after this the principal member dies the family will receive only the balance amount. The benefit will be given in stages. Seeds will help the family by appointing counselor to help  them to overcome the grief and help the family in dealing with debts. They will advise how the monetary benefit can be used for education, starting small business etc. On death of a member, his spouse or children will be paid the death relief payment in 3 installments. ( Rs. 40.000/-, Rs.30.000/- and Rs. 30.000/-} ( Full Payment- Rs.1.00.000/-, Rupees One Lakh under SEEDS TRUST Bereavement Relief Scheme.)  
  • If the member is not married, the parents will be eligible to receive the full death relief payment as above.
  • In case of a single social worker wothout both parents, his/her own brother or sister who cared for the Social worker, will be paid a maximum of 25% of Death Relief amount eligible on  death of a Social worker and as decided by the SEEDS TRUST Administration Committee. ( Rs. 25.000/- Maximum at present )
  • To Persons other than parents, children, brother or sister, the Mission is not eligible for any death relief payments from social worker's contribution.
  • All other special and specific cases will be decided by the SEEDS TRUST Scheme Administrative Committee based on the merits of each case.
  • In the event of death of a spouse of a member, a total of up to Rupees Fifty Thousand( RS.50.000/- ) will be paid to the member, the remainder of the benefit will be paid on the death of the member. The balance amount will be paid in 3 installments.
  • The amount specified in the Scheme is the maximum benefit to be paid and is an approximate amount as it is the sacrificial contribution of the members, the benefit amount given might be less depending on the availability of funds.

Master Health Check Up:

  • Arrangements have been made with a number of hospitals in different parts of India to carryout MHC to the Social workers at subsidized costs.