Medical Care


Medical Claim

  • Medical Care extends help to the Members, Spouse and their dependents children below 21 years, undergoing financial crisis due to physical illness and accidents.
  • Total benefit up to one Lakh, a year starts from the date of enrollment. Member can only claim this amount in installments up to Rs.20000/- ( Rupees Twenty Thousand only) at one time.
  • Policies for operation: Social worker should send their claim forms to the Medical department of SEEDS. The application are scrutinized by the medical team with the guidelines set by SEEDS.
  • The member are expected to avail treatment in Hospital approved by SEEDS wherever possible. Opt for inexpensive treatment as far as possible. Taking treatment in corporate hospitals and incurring huge bills are discouraged. Food and travel are not to be included in the claim.
  • Children who are not settled, unmarried or unemployed are eligible for medical assistance  only up to 21 years old.
  • Only current bills up to a maximum of 2 months period will be accepted.
  • The eligibility per member per admission is limited to Rs.20000/- ( Rupees Twenty Thousand only). In case the expenditure post hospitalization or estimate per hospitalization exceeds Rs. 20000/- ( Rupees twenty Thousand) then it is mandatory to inform SEEDS Trust. But Seeds Trust covers to a maximum ceiling of Rs.1.00.000/- ( Rupees One Lakh) only per year. SEEDS Trust will not be able to enable to spend medical case if any, so exceeds the above ceiling limit.
  • Medical payments will be given directly to the hospital approved by SEEDS after verifying the bills.